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Smartest - Classic proportions
and slimmest profile.
Fastest - Patented 'inline' diverter system.
Convenient - Fits anywhere, less walking
and quicker fill.
Safest - Children and pet friendly.
No lids, no large aperatures.


Biggest is not always the best or the most effective in collecting rainwater. The more you can store the better, however there is a common misconception.

The UK has short intense bursts of rainfall in the summer. This means that no matter how large a water butt you have it will only collect what comes down the drainpipe at any one time. Therefore fitting a water butt to as many down pipes as possible means multiple volumes of water saved per downpour.

The double 'House Pack' has been specifically designed to enable greater volume and speed of collection for 200 litres. Compact enough for most of the tightest spaces with it's own built in diverter the attractive unobtrusive design is perfect for home owners who do not have a lot of space or want large visible obstructions on or around their property.

To order our single or 'House Pack' (2 individual units), just click here



It is...
Space saving slimline design to compliment and fit any style of house

Guaranteed sturdy and easy to install, supplied with everything you need
Totally child safe and pet proof
Made from UV protected Polyethylene with a 3 year guarentee
Measures 48in.(h) x 18in.(w) x 9in.(d)
122cm(h) x 46cm(w) x 23cm(d)
The only waterbutt that can be used safely on roof gardens & balcony patios


It will...
Save precious natural recources saving you money
Hold 100Ltrs (22Gall) of pure rain water
Fit all round or square UK down pipes
Automatically fill and divert excess water